Step 1: Choose your monogram

Two Letters

The ideal style for those who like to keep things simple, choose the 2-letter monogram for individuals without a middle name (Chloe Smith), couples who share a hyphenated last name (Elizabeth and Martin Cane-Smith) or couples with different last names (Elizabeth Cane and Martin Smith).

Three Letters

A nod to tradition, choose the 3-letter monogram style for individuals with a middle name (Lauren Karen Hammond), or couples who share the same last name (Lawrence and Helen Kramer).

Names and Phrases

Offering a more modern touch, choose this style to display a full family name or favourite phrase. Mon Purse will accommodate your preferred style of monogram, but for names containing 5 letters or more, our stylists recommend the sophisticated touch of sentence case. See individual products for length details.

Icons and Symbols

The perfect way to add a little character, you might like to incorporate icons into your monogram, depending on the product. If opting for 5 letters or more, our stylists recommend the sophisticated touch of sentence case rather than all caps.

Step 2: Choose monogram size

There are two sizes of monogramming available at Mon Purse: 18pt and 36pt. The smaller size is ideal for compact purses and leather goods, while our stylists recommend the larger type for handbags such as the Tote or Bowler.

Step 3: Choose monogram colour

Mon Purse offers a variety of colour options to suit your monogramming needs. Designed to complement the leather, as well as your personal style, choose between Silver, Gold, Gunmetal, Rose Gold or Blind Embossed. Select one monogram colour per item and complete your personalised statement piece.

Every order is eligible for complimentary monogramming, allowing you to make your mark and personalise your new luxury item. Work with one of our talented staff in-store to create your personalised gift or treat for yourself, or select the monogramming option online.

Don’t carry someone else’s bag, carry your own personalise creation – distinctively unique to you or your friends and family.